Mrs Simpson at Norala Garden

Fly Fishing in the Bright Region
- wily browns, eager rainbows, secret creeks - 
This 2+ pound brown trout took a big dry fly in fast water - on a river somewhere close to MrsSimpson.

The High Country offers a lifetime of fly fishing opportunities in the region's mountain rivers, secret creeks and majestic alpine lakes.


When you stay in Mrs Simpson at Norala Garden, you have the large and versatile Ovens River running at your back gate. You can literally rig up on the verandah and walk out to catch a good sized trout. It has been done before!

The 2015/16 season has started off well in the region, with good numbers and sizes of fish caught both on nymphs and dry flies. 

As our guest you have access to personal information about fly fishing around Bright, providing you with specific fly fishing hotspots, suggestions on rods and flies to use, and tips to get you started if you are not yet familiar with the area. We know your time is precious and with our insightful notes you can be on the right water, with the right approach without having to lose any time!

Checkout our blog too for up to date information about fly fishing in the Alps. We keep you up to date on conditions so that you can successfully explore the fly fishing in the region. Australia's National Champion, Christopher Bassano, a recent guest of Mrs Simpson, shows how easy it can be ...

Caught 33 trout at Mrs Simpson's Back Gate!
Read about Chris' stay at Mrs Simpson and his engaging Fly Fishing story at:
Christopher Bassano, Commonwealth Gold Medal Champion Fly Fishing, 2014 and recently made National Champion Fly Fishing 2014.

When you fly fish around Bright, please practice 'Catch & Release' and pause regularly to take in the stunning scenery - 'tight lines'!

Mrs Simpson (... the famous fly)

The avid fly fisher will note there are many flies that will make for a season's success, from the woolly bugger early in the season, the locally originated "dunny brush" (bogong moth) to cicada time that can be matched with a Madame X. Of course, the trusty pheasant tail nymph ('PHT'- if you are in the know) is a winner throughout the seasons here.

Mrs Simpson is yet another fly to find success in the waters around Bright, supporting the view that she successfully mixes it in many different milieu! The story of her involvement with fly fishing is a lovely tale and one that can find many parallels with the sport, the cottage and Norala Garden ...

"To a trout, the fly is very attractive; it's a fly worth having; a fly that would merit a trout giving up its kingdom for, hence the 'Mrs Simpson' trout fly was christened."  
Alan Shepherd

The original fly has unknown origins but several claimants from New Zealand's North Island. In both Australia and New Zealand the Mrs Simpson is a highly regarded fly for both rainbow and brown trout. The fly has caught its fare share of fish in the lakes and has produced some nice fish in the rivers too! 

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